Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chocolate Fingers

Three eggs; one-half pound of powdered sugar; one-half pound of sifted pastry flour; two ounces of powdered chocolate.

Method: Beat sugar and eggs for half an hour, sift chocolate and sugar together, then stir into the flour. Beat well, then with a pastry squirt form oblong cakes, size of a finger on waxed tins. Set away over night, then bake as other cookies in moderate heat. They have the appearance of being frosted owing to the light components rising to the top during night. If you have no pastry tube or squirt, form little round mounds by dipping up portions with a small spoon dipped in cold water. When baking the above cakes be sure to use only moderate heat. Remove cakes from pan as soon as done and place in tin pails or cans as soon as cold. If kept in closed tin small cakes will keep a long time and remain palatable.

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